We turn your smartphone into a dashcam.

You already have a world-class camera in your pocket. Just mount it on your handlebars and ride.

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Video evidence, just in case

A phone mounted on bicycle handlebars

Hassle-free recording

Report everyday hazards

Screenshot of the Hazard Map

Stop sharing boring videos

Frequently Asked Questions:

A 20-minute commute uses around 5% of your battery

Everything is controllable via gestures so you can start and stop recording without looking at your phone.

Yes, you can listen to music and podcasts. After launching the app, just tap Play to continue listening.

When you reach your storage limit, we overwrite the oldest footage. Your storage limit is customizable.

Share dangerous conditions with your city with a couple taps. See instructions.

Just hit Share, then Select Clips. Choose the clips you want to share. If you select multiple clips, we'll create a flyover transition between them.