The footage-stabilizing phone mount

Our phone mount is designed to create the best footage and support the widest range of phones without blocking the camera.

A Dashcam-branded mount with a claw design

Stabilization demo

Our mount clamps both the top and bottom of the phone and has three vibration-dampening pads to reduce shake in footage. This is a demo of how well our mount performs over a mount that only clamp on the bottom of the phone.

Other features of our mount

  • 360° Rotation Swap between landscape and portrait
  • 70° Tilt Tilt phone up to view the screen, and back down to record
  • Vibration-Dampening Triple-Padded to reduce camera shake
  • Multiple Clamp Options To fit a wide variety of bicycles, including our anti-theft clamp
  • PopSocket-Compatible Fits removable PopSockets. Just twist off the PopSocket to fit the phone in the mount, and when you finish your ride, re-attach the grip
  • MagSafe-Compatible Just remove your MagSafe accesory before mounting your phone
  • Phone Thickness Fits a wide range of phones and phone cases with multiple size options
  • Phone Size Fits phones between 3.5” and 6.8”


Wondering if your existing phone mount will work? Here’s what to look for:

  • No Straps: Straps make it hard to attach and detach your phone, and they often block the camera.
  • No Quick-Release: Quick-release mounts come loose too frequently. We recommend mounts that attach securely with a hex key.
  • Doesn’t block camera: Ensure the widest-angle camera is not blocked.
  • Clamps on top and bottom: If your mount only clamps on the bottom of the phone, the vibrations will make the footage nearly-unusable.
  • Swivels: So you can adjust the angle of recording, as well as tilt up to see the screen.

Using Swappable PopSockets

Our mount is compatible with Swappable PopSockets - but you will need to remove the PopSocket for your phone to fit. You can buy a Swappable PopSocket on Amazon for $10 to $15, or buy a MagSafe Popsocket for $20 to $25.

What is is an app that turns your smartphone into a dashcam. The app has gesture-based controls so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road, screen-dimming to save you battery life, direct-to-311 reporting in certain cities, and easy creation of compilation videos.

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